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Evaluation of Noise Pollution for Four consecutive years throughout Nowruz festival in Dahok city, Iraq


Study of noise pollution (NSP) is an important subject due to its environmental and health impacts. If the levels of noise prove to be above health criteria, it’s possibility that it may contribute to short and long term physiological & psychological harmful effects. This study aimed to determining the spatial & temporal levels of NSP produced during Nowruz festival (NZFS) in Dahok city (DKC), Iraq, for 4 consecutive years (2016-2019), and comparing the noise levels during these periods. Also to identify possible sources of noise to assist in analysis NSP problematic areas & determine if city noise criterion are exceeded. The noise level measurements was conducted using sound level meter in 3 different areas in DKC. In Nawruz Eve, 2019, noise reached 102, 92.6, & 70.2 dB in Residential, Commercial, & Silence Zones respectively. The overall study suggests that the city is gradually hurtling towards high noise ambience, Most of the results obtained in this work are above the limits allowed both internationally (i.e. WHO) & locally. This is due to certain erroneous practices in daily activities during NZFS, spread of electrical generators, as well as heavy traffic in the city. Also, this work could be help to publicize awareness about NSP among the people.


Noise pollution, Noise levels meter, Environmental noise, Nowruz festival, health hazard



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