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Evaluation of Physical, Spatial and Demographic Expansions in Ilam City from 1956 to 2016


The physical and spatial expansion of cities, which often taken place without planning, caused numerous environmental, health, economic and social problems. This study investigates the physical, spatial, and demographic development and expansion of Ilam city in Iran for over 60 years. To achieve these goals, library studies, data analysis, and field studies were applied. The process of development in Ilam and its demographic changes from 1956 to 2016 has been presented, and then, the spatial-physical expansion of the city is evaluated. The results showed that several factors had impacted the physical development and expansion of Ilam. The highest growth was observed between 1976 and 1986. Also, the development of the city has been more horizontal. The study results show the correlation, intensity, extension, and mechanism of conversion and land-use change in Ilam city and embody its spatial-physical expansion.


Evaluation, Spatial-Physical Expansion, Ilam



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